Bad Credit?

We see the scenario every day… good people… paralyzed with credit problems… thinking they have no hope left to get themselves into a vehicle they need. Money Mart North loves this challenge. We understand what you’re going through. We understand what creditors look for, and our expertly-trained approval pros can turn what seems like a hopeless situation, into a reality, and get you into the car or truck you deserve.

As part of a company that’s been around for over 60 years, Money Mart North has the experience… the selection… the relationships… the expertise, and most importantly, the desire to help you. Thanks for giving Washington’s leader in special auto financing the opportunity to help.

Getting Approved?

When it comes to getting approved for used car financing, many car buyers are unprepared for what they will need to have with them in order to get the approval they are hoping for. At Money Mart North, most of our customers can be approved for financing, even when they have poor credit or no credit at all. But in order to make the application process even smoother and faster, take certain steps to be prepared. In some cases, simply knowing what to bring and having it ready during the application process can help you get approved in just an hour. Here are some tips that should help you cover your bases and get you approved fast for used car financing.

  • Have your driver’s license with you.
  • Bring a recent pay stub or proof of income.
  • No down payment required in some cases.
  • Bring a recent phone or utility bill to verify residence.
  • Have proof of a bank account.

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